About The Zavala Group.


Founded in 2013 by Jose Zavala, The Zavala Group Inc. is a full-service New York City marketing firm that helps aviation, hospitality, transportation, travel, technology, law and entertainment firms build awareness, develop relationships, and generate prospect leads through creative strategies, effective communications, and introductions to potential business partners. For many of his clients, Jose serves as their part-time head of marketing. As an active networker and leader in the New York City business community, Jose has close relationships with a wide variety of influential decision makers — who often provide business benefits to his clients and friends. Jose often speaks on Integrated Marketing, Social Media, Developing a Marketing Plan, and Getting Publicity at local business meetings. Website DesignThe Zavala Group helps its clients increase their sales by positioning their company, differentiating their products, segmenting their markets, developing relationships and implementing the marketing mix:

  • Web Sites
  • E-mail Newsletters
  • Publicity
  • Social Networking
  • Copy writing
  • Marketing Plans
  • Success Stories
  • Sales Sheets
  • Advertising
  • Q: Who are your target business prospects? 
  • Q: Who are your target business prospects?
  • Q: What are your most compelling products and services?
  • Q: What is your competition doing and saying?
  • Q: Are your messages to targeted prospects compelling?
  • Q: Is your Web site copy concise and persuasive?
  • Q: Are your Web site SEO and PPC ads effective?
  • Q: Is your Web site architecture user-friendly?
  • Q: Do you have any news that the press would publish?
  • Q: Are your e-mail newsletters effective?
  • Q: Is your business networking delivering new clients?
  • Q: Is your social networking building good relationships?
  • Q: Do you follow-up on prospect leads effectively?
  • Q: Get the word out about who you are and what you do?

A: Call The Zavala Group at 212-931-4870 or click to e-mail!

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